Imagination – Is it still Marketers Delight ? 

It’s all objective these days. At click of a button you can visit a exotic location, drive a super car or explore a different planet. So my point is if we have precision for everything, where is the scope of Imagination ? 
We hardly today see campaigns which would cut across generations. The last I remember was Vodafone Dog campaign which is fresh even today. And I see a trend in this, we have started to spend less time visualizing and more time answering social media calls. When was the last time, without googling did you make a picture of a place you desperately wanted to visit ? When was the last time we heard a song which made you cry ? When was the last time we wrote an essay or letter to our friends and relatives? 

Answer is NO in most cases. This is because we love being spontaneous than imaginative. We fail to visualize a communication because our focus is on execution and delivery. 

I believe marketer of tomorrow needs to spend more time in Imagination. As I would to put it “IMAGINING IS IMAGING”.

 This doesn’t mean meditate or go aloof. But just follow one or few or all of below and see the change : 

  1. Go Handsfree – Spend mobile free 3 hrs a day. This would give you enough mental impetus to think at ur work or at home. 
  2. Write an Essay – Go back to school,pick up a pen and write 500 words essay on various topics once a week dedicatedly
  3. Indulge in Outdoor activities – being within four walls restricts ideas, curtails thoughts. Go out for walks post work, play a sport or trek, take a drive or cycle, but ensure you spend 6 hours a week on outdoors. 
  4. Think Aloud – while doing above, leave your mind to any random topic and deep dive into it basis your imagination. E.g. Imagine about being on a work stay at North Korea ? Or Watching a movie with Mr Bachchan etc.
  5. Make your mind lyrical – Play with words and appreciate a lyrical. Power to recognize words gives you ability to imagine even better. 

Imagination connects individual customers to experiences they love more closely, more actively and more lastingly. We live in a world where the power of experiences has never been greater.

Unclutter your mind to Imagine ! 

      Authored by Samar Kagalwalla

      S I M P L E . U N C L U T T E R E D

      We as next gen professionals are bombarded with words, sound, light, thoughts through out the 12 hours we spend at work and now even after that. Sometimes I believe we all go through this syndrome of ” Bus ab mujhe apne liye time chahiye”, what it basically  means is that its time to UNCLUTTER my mind.

      Probably writing this blog would be my way to unclutter my mind, thrash those unwanted thoughts and free up that burdened grey cell which was up there to do much better work than this.

      MINDful of good MUSIC

      I believe our mind is able to grasp more if things are attempted in a more synchronized manner just like making of a music. The notes flow from one part of the mind to another, your heart dances with it and your soul feels fresh. This is possible because that note which you press on your keyboard also hits that little cell in your brain, creating a beautiful symphony within your mind. It is this music which stays with you for life – Clutter or Unclutter doesnt matter.bigstock-Marketing-And-Advertising-39163375-300x215

      As a professional, it is important to understand this symphony of life. While designing communications, it is imperative we understand which scale on the customers’ mind do we want to play to make that music more merry.

      The language your brain associates with music creates Emotions. Likewise the simplicity your brain associates with your communication creates Actions.

      Marketers Delights is Customers Syndrome

      Today it is a fact that the rising volume of marketing messages isn’t empowering—it’s overwhelming. Rather than pulling customers into the fold, marketers are pushing them away with relentless and ill-conceived efforts to engage.

      In the name of convenience, we love intimidating customers. We bombard them with Product Info’s weaved into some smart communication, attached to which is an ant sized T&C, next to which is a fancy CTA post which begins the customers tyranny. Calls, SMSes, Social Media follow ups etc start making the customer feel that showing interest in the product was indeed a crime !


      Shifting the orientation toward decision simplicity and helping consumers confidently complete the purchase journey is a profound change, one that typically requires marketers to flex new muscles and rethink how they craft their communications.

      Its simple, MINDSHARE to MARKETSHARE is the name of the game.  But to create that mindshare one need not do MINDGRABBING. That would only dislodge the consumer interest. Instead invest in MINDNURTURING, making your communication more deep rooted and ensuring the fruits from the MINDTREE are nutritious for the organization, customers & community at large.

      Attempt to Blog by : Samar Kagalwalla