Jingle Less Advertising – Straining emotions out 

Music industry has moved from musicians to technicians. I was very surprised when they I came across terms like Music Engineers & Sound Technologists. It made me think Is music making us emotionally ambiguous ? 

As an marketeer, music not only brings the emotions on table but also helps product fly off the shelf. And hence it is doubly concerning. Because honestly i could not recollect any jingle from last 10 yrs which was hard coded in my mind. And I am just 35 so far from old age.

As a avid music lover myself, I deep dived into this a bit more only for my satisfaction. I had some interesting questions of which I am still finding answers.

Is Music losing it’s emotion and becoming more technical ?

Is it more about rapping than humming ?

Why is there no chorus in songs these days ?

When was last i heard a song with acoustic arrangement ?

Which was the last time you remembered a Jingle ?

Javed Akhtar rightly quoted that present music scenario is all about claps. And how true is it for us marketing professionals. While scouting video producers, the least importance we lay is on music and words. Visuals are prime, we spend hours adjusting the filters, but fail to spend even a second to determine a good background score.

This is because we are becoming “Technologist”. Finally what matters is impressions & engagement. Sound is critical than the feel. Fancy words are more “in” than lyrics. However if we dig deep inside, many of us would not even remember a video / ad made 3 yrs back but we would surely humm an old Bajaj ad and ensure we sing that line in tune ” Buland bharat ki buland tasveer, humara bajaj”. It was through this immortal musical creativity that we were made to believe in indigenous technology and experience national pride.

The ad has undergone 3 – 4 versions across decades, and it could cut across generations because it has a strong backing of words and a master musical arrangement.

So the the question I ask is :

Has the technologist in me killed the musician ?

Is fast and loud the new Impact ?

Are the emotions being strained to fit in that 5 sec auto play FB clip ?

I believe sometimes its important to view music with a lot more subjectivity. It will not only give that extra room for emotions, but will ultimately help bring our messaging more beautifully.

3 things which I have started doing ?

  • Listen to one song each day  and humm the tune. It is important that we are able sing the tune without words, because that means that piece of arrangement has hit the heart. Make effort to pick a song with nice tune.
  • Match the words and the situation. See if you can appreciate the fine tuning between lyrics and whats shown on the screen. Ensure you love it or else move on!
  • Last but not the least, can you listen to that song 10 times back to back. And each time you are able to appreciate and enjoy a different nuance of the song – its diction, word formation, arrangement, instrumentation, cinematography etc.

I believe this simple exercise not only opens the mind to music in true sense but also gives the necessary boast to creativity which finally reflects in our work. I can assure next time you make an ad, you would not disrespect the impact of music on mind.

Like how beautifully one of the greatest lyricist Shailendra has put up ” संगीत मन को पंख लगाए “, creating and communicating through melodies and harmonizing the impact with state of art technology is the need of the hour. #MarketingOfFuture



Imagination – Is it still Marketers Delight ? 

It’s all objective these days. At click of a button you can visit a exotic location, drive a super car or explore a different planet. So my point is if we have precision for everything, where is the scope of Imagination ? 
We hardly today see campaigns which would cut across generations. The last I remember was Vodafone Dog campaign which is fresh even today. And I see a trend in this, we have started to spend less time visualizing and more time answering social media calls. When was the last time, without googling did you make a picture of a place you desperately wanted to visit ? When was the last time we heard a song which made you cry ? When was the last time we wrote an essay or letter to our friends and relatives? 

Answer is NO in most cases. This is because we love being spontaneous than imaginative. We fail to visualize a communication because our focus is on execution and delivery. 

I believe marketer of tomorrow needs to spend more time in Imagination. As I would to put it “IMAGINING IS IMAGING”.

 This doesn’t mean meditate or go aloof. But just follow one or few or all of below and see the change : 

  1. Go Handsfree – Spend mobile free 3 hrs a day. This would give you enough mental impetus to think at ur work or at home. 
  2. Write an Essay – Go back to school,pick up a pen and write 500 words essay on various topics once a week dedicatedly
  3. Indulge in Outdoor activities – being within four walls restricts ideas, curtails thoughts. Go out for walks post work, play a sport or trek, take a drive or cycle, but ensure you spend 6 hours a week on outdoors. 
  4. Think Aloud – while doing above, leave your mind to any random topic and deep dive into it basis your imagination. E.g. Imagine about being on a work stay at North Korea ? Or Watching a movie with Mr Bachchan etc.
  5. Make your mind lyrical – Play with words and appreciate a lyrical. Power to recognize words gives you ability to imagine even better. 

Imagination connects individual customers to experiences they love more closely, more actively and more lastingly. We live in a world where the power of experiences has never been greater.

Unclutter your mind to Imagine ! 

      Authored by Samar Kagalwalla